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Tips for effective signs and orders



See below for information that may help with your order and the  effectiveness of your signs.



How to create effective contrast in your signs to stand out from the crowd


For best contrast results ensuring your message stands out with very good readability from a far or up close use a general rule of thumb by making the background a darker colour than the information or contrary to this, where your logo and graphics are a darker colour use the inverse relationship by providing a lighter background.


Further Contrast can be achieved and strengthened by:

- Applying a dark matt background with light gloss faced information

- Making your information in 3D lettering raised from the sign background (This is commonly used for the business logo and then applying secondary information in 2D on the face of sign)


How to communicate a clear message in your signs


Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) – Use one of the fundamental design principals to make a sign clearly communicate your business identity and market offerings.


Think about how you would like a sign to affect your target audience ie. What is the main objective?


Once you have a clear intention for the signs purpose, design the sign to promote specifically the product/service/awareness/influence you want to sell or promote by getting to the point simply.


How to order signs


Submit an enquiry to with all your sign order information available, including the intended purpose of the sign, location and size so we can provide an informative and accurate quote with the best solutions for your needs. Providing artwork to size is also useful to get your quote moving faster but not necessary.


How to create artwork for signs


For best results in our production, use a CMYK colour space, ensuring all fonts are outlined, all images are CMYK in colour and embedded in your document. We accept PDF, AI and EPS file formats for best results. Other Files can be acceptable but may be limited in their quality during production.


How to prepare for your new signs


Please adhere to the following to ensure a successful and ontime installation:


Window Graphics - Create a clean and clear space by removing any obstacles/fragile objects and cleaning the window where intended graphics will be installed.


Commercial signs and fitouts - Make sure there are no obstructions in the way of your new sign installation and we have access to all sign areas.


Vehicle graphics - Clean vehicle areas specifically where your new signage will be installed before arriving at our premises.


How to match my logo colours with my signs


For colour replication through out your signage please provide pantone colour codes or ensure all files are correctly formatted to CMYK colours. Our printer is top of the line when it comes to colour, however all printers print differently due to colour calibrations and media profiles there maybe slight variations. Please ask for a sample print if your colours need to be spot on.




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